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Port Andratx, which is located within the municipality of Andratx, is a beach resort located on the island of Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands off of the coast of Spain. Port Andratx is a friendly and charming resort town, with plenty of things to and see, and is one of the classiest resorts in Mallorca - popular film stars and those who enjoy boating and yachts are likely to be found on holiday at Port Andratx.

Port Andratx was originally a fishing village, and the presence of the large marina in the area makes it known that it is still popular for fishermen. The harbour is among one of the most beautiful around, and the small village is home to beautiful whitewashed villas and homes. Several small beaches are scattered along the coast of Port Andratx, and along the marina there are many restaurants and bars that are open morning through evening, some open late night, as well.

Port Andratx Beaches

The beaches in Port Andratx are very small, and there are several of them, but they are not large enough to accommodate large amounts of crowds. Since they are so small, many of them are not named or located on maps, and are known mainly to the locals of the area.

One larger beach that is popular with the tourists in Port Andratx is Cala Llamp Bay, which is a small bay and beach club that is situated right around the corner from the town of Port Andratx. Since the beach is not a very large one, it is not quite as ideal for sunbathing as many other beaches in Majorca, but instead is great for swimming in the beautiful and clear turquoise waters. While there isnt much sand for sunbathing or relaxing, there are plenty of flat rocks that work well for a short break if you bring yourself a lounge chair or towel, and since the beach is so close to the marina, it is a great place for boating and water sports. The beach, which has a stunning view of the Tramuntana Mountains, is one of the most beautiful in the area.

Outdoor Activities in Port Andratx

Spending time in the great outdoors is one of the most exciting aspects of a holiday in a Majorca resort town, and Port Andratx is no exception! Outdoor activities and water sports in Port Andratx are spectacular, and there are great assortment of things to do!

For those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling, there are several great companies to choose from! Whether you are looking for a complete adventure package or just an hour of guided diving, there is something for everyone - novices and experts alike! Two great places for scuba diving and snorkelling are Cool Divers SLU and Diving Dragonera. Both of these options offer guided dives and snorkelling trips, and are great for those who are a bit unsure - the guides are friendly and happy to help acquaint you with the water.

Another great water activity to check out in Port Andratx is the Bond Safari. Bond, which stands for Breathing Observation Nautical Device, is a innovative new way to explore the depths of the ocean with the help of a Bond Rider, which allows you to ride on a bike type device with a wrap around helmet that allows you to breathe. There are also large safari bus style ride on devices, as well, which allows you to observe while staying completely dry. Its a unique experience and shouldnt be missed!

Places to Eat in Port Andratx

Port Andratx has a variety of restaurants and bars, some of them upscale and some more family oriented. Since Port Andratx is one of the more classy beach resort towns in Majorca, many of the restaurants follow suit, catering to the adult crowd more than the family crowd. 

One upscale restaurant that is worth visiting while in Port Andratx is Trespais, which serves high end cuisine such as scallops and lamb, although it is also known for its desserts, such as their take on the banana split. The restaurant has a beautiful interior with a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for couples who are looking to have a splendid date night.

A great family oriented restaurant in Port Andratx is Restaurante Coppola, which serves plenty of cuisine choices, such as pizza, sandwiches, and chicken choices. The expansive menu is sure to please even the pickiest eaters, and the prices are low compared to the more upscale restaurants in the area.

Entertainment in Port Andratx

There are a great many things to do in Port Andratx, whether you are interested in engaging in activities with family or as a solo trip. One of the more popular forms of entertainment after the outdoor water sports activities includes boat tours around the bay of Port Andratx and surrounding areas. Two great companies to book a tour with include Mallorca Boat Trips and Katamaran Charter Tours. Both of these tour companies offer boats that can be chartered with a guide or for you alone, and they are a great way to see the area of Port Andratx.

Museums are also popular in Port Andratx, one of them being a cultural museum called the Asociacio Cultural Sa Taronja, which is home to many items and displays of culture from Port Andratx throughout the years. It is an interesting way to enlighten yourself to the history of the village. Another popular museum in Port Andratx is Liedtke Museum, which is a highly interesting museum with a "hotel-like" feel to it. Featuring art, decor, and other modern pieces, this museum overlooks the bay, and is quite a sight to behold!

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